Mi Rutina Diaria

    During the ends of this semester we’ve been going over vocabulary and grammar structures that deal with or daily routines for getting ready to go somewhere. We’ve also been going over reflexive verbs and how to use the correctly in our writing and conversations.

    This week we’re required to make a voki to discuss our daily routine for getting ready for school. We wrote a script, submitted the rough draft to our teacher, our teacher read it and made us aware of the errors in our script without telling us how to correct it so we could correct it ourselves. After correcting our script and practicing the pronunciation, we used our cellphones to call in and record our daily routine script. Our avatar was emailed to our teacher and embedded here on our blog. This daily routine project counts as our six weeks test grade.

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    I liked using voki and making the avatar for the project, because it was something new it wasn’t the same old pen and paper thing that every other class does so it was ok. I think recording the script on voki is better than standing up in front of the class and saying it. I think it would’ve been more valuable if we read the script in front of the class so that the teacher could correct those who weren’t pronouncing things correctly.

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